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We have implemented strong governance, policies, and controls, which are overseen by a seasoned and experienced Board of Directors.

MIO is governed by a Board of Directors (MIO Board).  The MIO Board includes independent directors and former McKinsey partners.

The MIO Board governs and oversees how MIO operates on behalf of its investors.  The MIO Board guides MIO’s investment strategy, process, and the types of products offered.  It approves performance benchmarks, monitors investment performance, oversees risk and compliance, and determines compensation.  The MIO Board is also responsible for setting risk limits and supervising adherence to MIO policies.

The MIO Board delegates investment decisions to the investment professionals in MIO, while setting out the risk and trading parameters under which the investment professionals may act.  The MIO Board does not decide which managers to hire, and does not influence the investment decisions those managers make.

To prevent potential conflicts of interest between MIO’s investment operations and McKinsey’s consulting business, MIO prevents the sharing of both McKinsey client data or MIO investment data between McKinsey and MIO.  In line with regulatory requirements, MIO has also implemented policies to prevent potential misuse of material non-public information.  MIO’s trading policy prohibits MIO from trading in individual stocks or bonds of any public or private company anywhere in the world, except for credit-default swaps for counterparty hedging.

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